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Achieve Stress Relief With Hypnosis!
  • Stress Reduction Hypnosis & Coaching Sessions
  • Relaxing Mindfulness Meditation Training
  • Sports Performance - Job Performance
  • Quit Smoking - Lose Weight
  • Boost Confidence & More

Reduce Stress - Make Life & Careers Better!

I personally know what it's like to work in a very stressful corporate work environment. I've been there. Now, I help people manage and eliminate stress. I have helped over 1,000 clients. I can help You ! 

For many people, acquiring stress relief seems like a secret formula. Well, I have that formula!  It is often very hard for some people to figure out where to start when they are so overwhelmed by a stressful environment. I can help you overcome stress using a comprehensive, structured system which addresses all of the issues necessary to create dramatic positive changes. This system will easily help you with eliminating career stress and enhance other areas of your life as well. You will learn new skills that easily and effectively eliminate stress.  I am just a call away!
 Charlotte Corporate Stress Reduction

Our effective Stress Relief approach to the workplace combines Stress Reduction Hypnosis, Autogenic Training, Expert Targeted Evaluation & Learning Strategies, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Mindfulness Meditation, Project Management tips, Handwriting Analysis to determine hidden stress factors and much more - all designed to achieve life-long results!  


*We never ever offer any ‘one-size-fits-all’ program for stress relief.

Your sessions will be completely customized and targeted to meet  your specific needs!


*Our Solution-Focused Program can help you Eliminate Stress with Confidence.  Hypnosis can change your mind, and your mind can change your Behavior  - and that will change your Life!  We will teach you the keys to success!


How it works...

First : Analysis, And Stress Busting Tools!

Stress Relief will start with your very first session. You will be able to leave this session with less stress and feeling confident that you will be equipped with proven effective tools of stress reduction and stress management. 

In the first session, 1.5 to 2 hours in length, you will complete a personalized assessment of your stress triggers and create a personality stress map. We will isolate any stress related issues and clarify needed goals, identify which stress reduction tools work best with your personality and formulate a game plan. You will then be guided through a relaxing hypnosis session that will help you reprogram your subconscious associations with stressful situations.
You will be given Targeted Life & Job Coaching along with the core of our Stress Reduction Program. You will be able to immediately practice the new techniques you have acquired and leave this session confident that you are NOW making progress and on your way to a stress-free life.

I will explain how the subconscious can sabotage your goals and why that self sabotage happens. I will then give you all the tools necessary to assure that your subconscious is in alignment with your true goals.

Second : Effective NLP & Hypnosis Tools.

During your second session, you will meet with me to discuss any minor difficulties and we will go on to some more advanced techniques including personality traits, how to spot stress triggers before they affect you, targeted reinforcement with Hypnosis and the tricks of dealing with the subconscious mind.
I will work with you to implement a second hypnosis session focusing on any specific concerns you may have such as self, work, or social pressure; or other issues unique to your own situation. I am always a text or phone call away when not in session.


Supportive Materials You Will Receive:

A formulated tested and proven game plan will be provided. A Supplemental Self-Hypnosis Audio MP3 is provided to assist you when you leave my office. Mindfulness Meditation instructions, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR), Color Therapy, NLP keys and other resources are also given.

 Follow-up  (3rd hypnosis session, optional)

If you wish, you may schedule what my clients like to call a third session

tune up” at any time within the next 90 days. This session can be used to

focus on any unique difficulties, or to simply learn some of the new skills hypnosis and NLP has to offer.


My Stress Reduction Program Pricing:

If you are trying to ignore your stress, your are risking health, job, relationship and social problems. Stress is a learned behavior. Lets break this useless, damaging cycle and get productive with a system that works!


* The complete 3-session stress relief Program is $269.

* It’s Time to Invest in Yourself – Get the Results You Need. 

* Utilize the power of Hypnosis, NLP and Coaching to start living!

* This system will help you in other areas of your life as well.

* Emergency Single Sessions are available at $159.

* I am just a call away!     704-604-5018

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Our Stress Reduction & Strategy Programs will Improve and Enhance your life Forever!

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Many People have Enjoyed the Benefits of our Business Coaching Strategies!

This is what my clients have said:

Thanks for helping me get back on track.  ~Jack B.

These techniques are amazing and they worked like a real charm.  ~Isabella  R.

It's obvious now what I was doing wrong.  I needed this years ago.  ~Robert  W.

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